Ex'S Hate Me, Pt

It"s common for an ex-romantic partner to feel lượt thích they hate the person who broke up with them—or that they hate the person they broke up with.

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If you"ve broken up with someone, they may feel lượt thích they hate you because you caused them pain by rejecting them. And if your ex was the one who broke up with you, you may have sầu to lớn not only giảm giá khuyến mãi with having been rejected, but also with feeling hated. None of this is easy.


Keep Reading To Underst& Why You Care If Your Ex Hates You
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If you"re asking yourself why you care if your ex hates you, this article may help. Read on lớn underst& why you may still care và how to avoid comtháng post-break-up pitfalls.

Your Ex Hates You Because You Wronged Them, và You Feel Guilty

Regardless of who initiated the break up, if you did something to lớn warrant anger from your ex, then you should not be surprised by their reaction. Everyone reacts differently to being hurt by a loved one, but if you broke your partner’s trust, it may take time for them khổng lồ heal enough to lớn forgive sầu you, if they ever bởi. For now, you should accept that they are angry và sad. Don"t try to be friends with them khổng lồ make yourself feel better. That is not a healthy option for them right now, and it"s likely to lớn increase their feelings of anger toward you.

In terms of any guilt you are feeling, rethành viên that notoàn thân is perfect and we all make mistakes. It"s important to learn, grow, và evolve sầu throughout life. If you use what happened with your ex as a teachable moment, in time you will be able to forgive yourself.

Ultimately, the most constructive sầu thing you can vì is accept that you did something wrong and resolve to vày better in your next relationship.

You Still Have sầu Feelings For Your Ex

Whatever the reason for your breakup, it"s possible that you still have feelings for your ex. You may accept that you don’t work well as a couple but at the same time still care about or even love sầu them. Even if you were the one who initiated the breakup, it can be difficult lớn accept that your ex now hates you, especially when you don"t wish them any ill.

Especially if you still care about your ex, you should give them space lớn work through their feelings. In time, their hatred may fade. In fact, it is likely that the reason they are feeling an emotion as svào as hatred is that they have sầu not entirely stopped loving you. Remember: love sầu & hate are two sides of the same coin.

Ways lớn Help Yourself Get Baông xã on Track

If you"re worried about your ex hating you, there are tools you can use khổng lồ reach a place of acceptance. A breakup, particularly a difficult one, can bring up a plethora of emotions. Here are some tips lớn help you move sầu on.


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Don"t Fall into the Trap of Hating Your Ex Back

People are more likely to feel good about people who lượt thích them. Similarly, people tend to have negative sầu feelings toward those who dislượt thích them. And the latter does more harm than good.

Hating your ex is not going khổng lồ make things better. It won"t make them hate you any less, và it won"t make you feel better. In fact, you"ll likely feel worse. Someone once said that holding onlớn hatred is like drinking poison & expecting the other person to die. Although you cannot control how your ex feels about you, you can work on your own feelings & actions. Holding onlớn hatred will not help you; it will only destroy you by eating away at you.

Be Cautious about Contact—But Don’t Rule it Out

Even if you have sầu feelings for your ex, contacting them is probably not the best idea, especially if you know they hate you. You may have the best of intentions, but people can act rashly when they"re in a hateful state of mind. In short, they may respond poorly. Moreover, contacting them can rub salternative text in their wounds and increase their negative feelings toward you.

Generally when there is hatred in a relationship, it"s a sign that two people should cease tương tác with each other. There may be rare occasions when contacting your ex is necessary, but it"s usually not a good idea. No matter how much you want your ex to lớn stop hating you, it"s important for you to prioritize your own health and well-being.

One exception khổng lồ this rule is when you think there’s something you could vày, not lớn make yourself feel better, but khổng lồ make your ex feel better. Complaining “My ex hates me!” is one thing; trying to address their needs is another.

But even in this situation, the goal isn’t for your ex khổng lồ love—or even like—you again, but rather for everyone to lớn experience as little pain as possible moving forward.


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Redirect Your Focus

It can be easy lớn ruminate about your ex hating you. If you wronged your ex, you may even believe they"re justified in their feelings.

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However, what"s done is done. No matter how much you beat yourself up, you cannot change the past.

At this point, you should focus your attention on your own life. Pay attention lớn opportunities, relationships, and other things that will benefit your growth & success. When you learn to redirect your thoughts, it will be easier to move sầu forward & live sầu your best life.

Take Meaningful Action

To successfully redirect your focus, you need lớn take action.

Try dedicating more time lớn work, fitness, or a new hobby. Put yourself in productive sầu situations with positive people. Get out into the world: travel, meet people, and invest in yourself.

When you"re busy with meaningful or fun activities, you"ll find that you eventually stop worrying about your ex hating you. “My ex hates me” is a less constructive thought than “I’m taking care of myself.”

No matter how much you may struggle with redirecting your focus, it"s healthier than ceaselessly worrying about how your ex feels about you.


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Therapy Can Help

Finally, instead of worrying about how much your ex hates you, you can focus on your own healing. Even if you"re the one who ended the relationship,

you may be hurting, especially if your ex has hard feelings toward you. Therapy can help you come lớn terms with your breakup & let go of what is no longer in your control.

Therapy for Relationship Breakups

Did you know that when people see photos of their exes, the same parts of their brains are activated as when they experience physical pain? That is because our brains seem khổng lồ process deep emotional pain in the same way that they process physical pain. In addition, those who have sầu been rejected in romantic relationships may develop “cravings” for their partners, much as one might crave a substance they are addicted khổng lồ. Once again, the brain is powerfully wired when it comes to lớn lãng mạn love sầu. Therefore, it is recommended that those who have recently experienced difficult breakups have adequate support. When feelings are particularly intense or if you are not coping in healthy ways, it is recommended that this tư vấn come from a therapist.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

As discussed above sầu, therapy with a licensed therapist may be necessary khổng lồ get over an important relationship. But when you are grieving the loss of an ex, it can be difficult khổng lồ attend in-person sessions. This is where online therapy comes in. You can access basissport.store’s platsize from the comfort & privacy of your own trang chính. In addition, online therapy offers lower pricing than in-person therapy because online therapists don’t have sầu to pay for costs lượt thích renting an office. basissport.store’s licensed therapists have helped people getting over relationships. Read below for some đánh giá of basissport.store therapists from people experiencing similar issues.

Counselor Reviews

"Julia is a very open-minded, understanding và warm-hearted person. She listened with kindness & without judgement. Her advice helped me tremendously through a bad break up & ensuing personal problems. Her advice & understanding has been very helpful in guiding me khổng lồ a healthier mind frame."


"Pamela has helped me become the person who I wanted to lớn be after my breakup. She helped me see the light in the dark, and showed me that who I am is enough."


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My Ex Hates Me. So What?

Maybe you know that your ex hates you và you don’t care. That’s normal too, particularly if your breakup was unpleasant.

While all relationships may end amicably in an ideal world, this is the real world. As long as you’re not actively making things harder for your ex, you’re doing just fine.

My Ex Hates Me. Is that Normal?

Emotions run high when a relationship ends, & anger or distaste can feel like hatred at times.

But if an ex is actively expressing hatred toward you—making you feel unsafe, harassing you, or bothering your friends và family—that"s not okay.

If this kind of thing is happening to you in person, bring it up with local law enforcement. If it’s happening online, bring it up with the moderators of the site.

Is it Okay That I Hate My Ex Back?

The rules here are pretty much the same as when your ex hates you. You & your ex broke up. No one is saying you have sầu khổng lồ stay best friends. However, that doesn’t mean you can deliberately make their life more difficult.

Harassing them, threatening them, gossiping about them, or even keeping things that you know are rightfully theirs—none of that behavior is okay.


Nobody toàn thân enjoys breakups, & that"s okay. Stop repeating “My ex hates me,” and vì chưng something about your feelings!

basissport.store is here khổng lồ support you if you"re struggling with an ex who hates you or if you"re not sure how lớn move on. With the right help, you can learn from your relationship và accept your breakup. And the good news is, with the work you bởi, you"ll be a better partner in the future.